Gabriele Hilsheimer, Petra Manz and Johannes Vogt are not only qualified specialists of their epoch and of their style, but they perform on their instruments with accomplished and impressive virtuosity. Their playing style combines a clear and fine tone with intensive expression; full of life and movement, with a fine feeling for dynamic nuances they intepret the many facetted music of the Baroque Period.
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Karlsruhe, 2.5.2001

As soon as the first chords sounded, the audience felt as though it had been taken back in time to the atmosphere of a Baroque Court. Gabriele Hilsheimer (Recorder and Transverse Flute), Petra Manz (Viola da Gamba) and Johannes Vogt (Chitarrone) presented the audience with a extensive and interesting programme, enriched by two solo contributions, in which they gave the best possible account of the particular and unusual sound of their instruments.
Pforzheimer Zeitung, 29.9.2002

The last item of the programme was a Trio Sonata by Antonio Lotti. In all parts the intricacy and fast tempo, which at times really raced, enabled the musicians to display their ability - and above all the precision of their ensemble playing.
Odenwälder Heimatzeitung, Erbach, 29.4.2001

It was deserved applause which greeted the Ensemble Flauto con bassi on Saturday evening in the Protestant Church of Kirchheim. The final item: a Trio Sonata by Lotti - full of temperament and played with the most assured of effects. Bravo!
Die Rheinpfalz, 19.11.2002