The acoustic and visual variety of our programmes is captivating. Ensemble sonatas are blended with solos for lute, gamba and sometimes cembalo. The flutes are transverse and straight, large and small.

The following programmes make up our repertoire at the moment:

Italian Journey from the 17th to the 18th century.
Music at the Court of the Louis XIV.
Lachrimae - Musik zur Passion und zum Ende des Kirchenjahres
Music for Carl Theodor, Elector of Mannheim
Hofmusik für die Mannheimer Churfürsten Carl Philipp und Carl Theodor
German Chamber Music - From the High Baroque to the period of Empfindsamkeit.
Virtuoso Chamber Music of the Baroque Era
Paris, Paris! - Musik von Couperin, Maris, Leclair, Hotteterre, Philidor
Tous les soirs du monde - Französische Musik zur Passion; Musik zum November
Eine Reise über den Rhein - Französische und deutsche Barockmusik

We are prepared to create concert programmes for special occasions or to work within the concept of a series of concerts on the basis of joint consultation.
If desired we are very willing to introduce our instruments during the concert. The programme itself may be accompanied by a standard printed concert programme or it can be explained live during the concert.