The core of the ensemble is formed by a Trio: Transverse Flute/Recorder - Viola da Gamba - Lute. Gabriele Hilsheimer, Michael Spengler and Johannes Vogt. These versatile musicians make up a group, dedicated to the specialised sound of historical instruments, to the emotional and rational utterances of 'early' music. The two poles of their playing style are the conscientious treatment of musicological sources and the liveliness and virtuosity of modern musicians. Their chamber music repertoire exploits different instrumentation and stretches from 1600 to about 1780. The musicians choose instruments for their concerts according to the work involved and the date of the composition: recorders of differing size and make, different types of transverse flute, descant or bass gamba, lute, chitarrone, archlute, baroque guitar.
The ensemble Flauto con bassi performs as a Trio, but also as a larger or smaller group. Gabriele Hilsheimer and Johannes Vogt have performed together for some years as the Duo felice (recorder or transverse flute and lute). Flauto con bassi as an enlarged ensemble can become a quartet, quintet or sextet with the addition of guest performers. In 2003/2004 two projects involved Flauto con bassi combining with cembalo. The following combination of performing artists is planned: Flauto con bassi with a second viola da gamba - with cembalo and a second gamba - with other instruments such as violins.